For young people interested in attending OYC,  we need you and your guardian to complete two forms. You can complete the online (below) or stop in to OYC for paper versions.

Youth Expectations

When on Oregon Youth Center premises or on nearby, all youth are expected to:

  • Show respect to themselves, other participants, and staff. 
  • Use words that are respectful to settle disputes. 
  • Refrain from yelling or screaming.
  • Seek consent before touching others, including in the course of games or free play.
  • Cooperate with all directions and requests by OYC staff.
  • Avoid behavior that limits the ability of other youth to fully participate in OYC activities, or interferes with the work of OYC staff. 
  • Remain drug, alcohol and tobacco free. 
  • Avoid all forms of bullying and report any bullying they witness.
  • Be responsible for all personal belongings, placing them in appropriate locations, and to be respectful of the personal belongings of others. 
  • Use phones during approved times only. 
  • Participate in the scheduled activities of the day. 
  • Report uncomfortable or dangerous behavior to OYC staff. 
  • Eat or drink only in designated areas and at designated times and dispose of garbage properly.
  • Be respectful of the building and property, refraining from any behavior that could damage the property, and helping to keep the space clean and ready for future use. 

Consequences for Violation of Youth Expectations

It is the responsibility of all youth center participants to follow the youth expectations, if they are not following these expectations, youth center staff will respond by: 

  • Reminding the participant(s) of the expectation.
  • If the behavior persists or occurs again on the same day after a reminder, the participant will be asked to move to a different area of the center or switch activities.
  • If a participant needs three or more reminders in one day, they may be asked to leave the center for the day and a parent or guardian may be called. 
  • If there is a repeated pattern of disregard for one or more expectations by the same participant over the course of a week or more; the participant may be asked to not return to the Youth Center for up to one week, and parents or guardians will be notified. 
    • Additional tasks relating to the particular violation of Youth Expectations may be also be required at this point (e.g. a letter of apology, or extra time helping with Youth Center clean up). Any additional tasks will be identified by the Youth Center Director and clearly communicated in writing.
  • After the above consequences have been enforced, future disregard for youth center expectations may result in being asked to not return to the Youth Center for a month, plus additional tasks as identified by the Youth Center Director.  The Board will also be notified of the suspension.
  • After a one month suspension, if the behavior continues, the youth will be asked to not return to the center for six months to one year, and the Board will be notified.

Police Involvement

Youth Center staff will contact the Police Department immediately if a participant is engaging in illegal activity, is endangering or threatening the safety of anyone, or in any situation in which police assistance is needed. The participant may lose their Youth Center privileges for a period of 6 months or more, depending on the nature of the offense that required removal, the extent of the damage or disruption caused, any history of previous violation of youth center expectations and other relevant circumstances. The Board will be notified of any occurrence that involves police support. 

Appeals Process

  • Any youth or parent who wishes to appeal a loss of privileges may file a written appeal within 10 days of the notification of loss of privileges to: Oregon Youth Center Board of Directors at president@oregonyouthcenter.org 
  • Upon receipt of an appeal, the Youth Center Director and Board President will review the situations and may reconsider the decision and length of suspension and additional tasks that may or may not have been requested.  
  • If the Youth Center Director denies the appeal, the Youth Center Board will review the appeal at their next regularly scheduled board meeting or may schedule a special meeting within 30 days of the receipt of appeal. The individual making the appeal will be notified of the meeting date. 
  • The Youth Center Board shall issue a written decision to the appeal within 10 days of the Board’s Review. 
  • The determination of the Youth Center Board shall be considered final. 
  • Any suspension of privileges will remain in effect throughout the appeal procedure.

Parent/Guardian Policies


All parents, guardians, or older youth or adults related to a Youth Center participant are expected to set an example for our youth by following all youth expectations while at the Youth Center. Behavior by an adult that does not conform to the expectations we set for our youth can result in the adult being given a warning and/or being asked to leave. 

Pick Up

Parents or guardians are responsible to pick up their children from the youth center by closing time, or make other arrangements for their child to get home. If a youth has not been picked up within 10 minutes after closing time, staff will contact the Oregon Police Department to wait with the child until s/he is picked up. Two staff members will wait until an officer or the child’s ride arrives, whichever occurs first.

Illness Policy

Any youth who has had a fever, may not return to the Youth Center until their temperature has been normal for a full 24 hours. Similarly, following any illness with vomiting, youth may not return to the center until they have returned to a normal diet and have not been sick for at least 24 hours. 

Policies Approved January 2020.